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21 évesen őszült meg, így néz ki 43 évesen

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Sara Eisenman elképesztő szexi anyuka!

Sara Eisenman 21 éves volt, amikor észrevette, hogy elkezdett őszülni, végül a fiatal lány hajkoronája egész rövid idő alatt teljesen “kifehéredett”, de ezt Sara egyáltalán nem bánta. Volt, hogy festette a haját, de erre is ráunt 37 évesen, és azóta – állítása szerint – , boldogabb, mint valaha.

“Így a 44-hez közelítve ott tartok, hogy jobban nézek ki, jobban érzem magam, és általában jobban vagyok, mint eddig bármikor” – mondta Sara.


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Here is my version of the ‘aging’ challenge that’s going around. First of all, I don’t believe in aging – and certainly not as a negative. I believe in coming alive, celebrating life, exploration, activation, and active self-revelation. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. that I shall live. And I believe it gets better and better and better. And so? It does. In the picture on the left, I had just given birth to my second child Abe and was holding him in my arms just out of frame. I was an absolutely depleted mom, still trying to be all things to all people, still trying to ‘fit in’ in so many ways. Still sending my daughter to the preschool where they fed her sensitive body goldfish crackers and Oreos that made her sick, still trying to be friends with all the cliquey moms even though I was nothing like them and they did not really like me even when I tried. Still trying to keep the sparkling silver roots at bay (I had my hair colored JUST before the delivery of my son so I’d have no tell tale signs in the announcement photos). Still trying to buy into the American dream of the nuclear family with the house and the car, while Daddy went off to work all week, chained to his desk and his phone and narcissist bosses who were never satisfied, leaving me exhausted and overwhelmed at home with a high need toddler and a newborn. Still trying to suppress or “move on” from my childhood trauma, which had left me severely fractured and afraid of my own self. And most of all, the Goddess was still rising rising within me, relentlessly calling me to a destiny I both desired and feared more than anything; and who would stop at nothing to take me through the dangerous territory of my own soul, to the wild abandon of freedom. And there I am, in the picture on the right. Hi! ❤ Sorry to write a book, but I really did write a book – three of them in fact, since then. With many more to come and so much more destiny yet to unfold. Did I mention? I don’t really believe in aging. I believe in coming ever more fully alive ❤ (p.s. In every single one of these that I’ve seen, everyone looks more present, grounded, radiant and alive in the after pic, though beautiful in both ❤ )

Sara Sophia Eisenman (@saraissilver) által megosztott bejegyzés, Jan 13., 2019, időpont: 1:31 (PST időzóna szerint)

És valóban! A kétgyermekes anyuka sugárzik a boldogságtól! Méghogy az ősz öregít….


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My path is to do WHATEVER it takes and is wholly authentic to break the cycle of abuse and re-traumatization within oneself so that we do NOT carry this forward to our loved ones, our friends, our children, the #Earth. 🕊 To return to wholeness not because we endlessly chase healing as a other form of distraction and personal titillation, but because we care about who we are and who we are becoming and what we propagate forth. 🕊 Whether that means dancing, chanting, purging, being witnessed, being baptized, circling with others, screaming at the moon, the ultimate in performative catharsis, or just deep deep rest (or any combination therein), it’s all perfectly fine. 🕊 It does’t have to look fashionable or graceful or spiritual. It doesn’t have to be pretty or sexy or instagram-worthy. 🕊 It doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s idea of what it is and should be. 🕊 But, every single one of us who draws breath actually owes this to ourselves and the life force that birthed us and to the future which we have borrowed from our children and the Earth herself. 🕊 So let us do all the work and get free of it so our daughters don’t have to carry this curse anymore. 🕊 Let it be over, so that it can begin. And let it begin with US ❤🙏 Grounding/earthing in beautiful set by @shopcosabella 🕊🕊🕊♥️♥️♥️ #embodiment #divinefeminine #theholybody #rewilding #cosabellastyle

Sara Sophia Eisenman (@saraissilver) által megosztott bejegyzés, Jún 18., 2019, időpont: 9:35 (PDT időzóna szerint)


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